Pumpkin games

Quick to set up, lots of fun to play: try these pumpkin games for some seasonal maths and literacy practise.

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Math games with 3M Post-it Super Sticky Notes

I’m working with 3M today, to showcase some of the fun you can have with their super sticky Post-it Notes. Here’s some hands-on math games you can try, exploring shape, size, patterns and scale, with some art and imaginary play thrown in for good measure too!

Great ideas for hands-on math games using Post-It notes: exploring shape, scale, patterns and size.

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Math games with circles

When you’re working on math with younger children it’s really important to start with real things – objects they can hold in their hands and use as they play and work with mathematical ideas. They need to have a solid understanding of the concept that a written down ’1′ actually means one car, or one block, or one bottle top. Using toys and other items as manipulatives is great to help them understand this, and adding in new manipulatives every so often keeps the math games fun and interesting. So today, here’s an idea for a really quick-to-make set of DIY manipulatives, and lots of ideas for how you might use them.

Great ideas for math games

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Monster math games number fun

At the first sign of a worksheet my 6-year-old starts yawning so I’m always looking for math games to make our learning fun. This monster math game turned out to be a big hit, and is adaptable so you can use it to play with lots of different math concepts. Here’s how to make Math Monsters who love to eat numbers!

math games monsters

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Henna math games :: making mehndi patterns

Have you ever used henna to make mehndi patterns? We tried it this week as part of our project on weddings around the world and it was wonderful. Such a lovely group activity and a great hands-on (truly!) way to learn about a culture different to our own. Oh, and surprising good for math games too.  Here are our tips for how to use henna as a beautiful art and math lesson.

henna mehndi patterns

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