Catherine wheel firework craft

Perfect for Bonfire Night or any time you need some fireworks, here’s an easy way to make a Catherine Wheel.

catherine wheel

Take a circle of paper or thin card. Fold it in half to make a semi-circle shape and make a cut, but not all the way to the centre. Unfold the circle and fold it again to make a semi-circle the other way. Make another cut, but again, not all the way to the centre.

Unfold your circle and fold one corner of each quarter section into the centre. Fasten in place with a paper fastener.

Decorate your Catherine wheel with sparkly stickers and sequins. Add ribbons or streamers to the edges for extra twirling effect.

Roll up a piece of paper into a long tube shape to make your handle. Use the paper fastener to attach the Catherine wheel to your handle.

Then blow! Here’s Take One – not quite as easy as she thought!

And here’s Take Two – when she’d mastered the art of Catherine wheel twirling.

Did you notice she blew so hard the feather flew right off? I do love L.

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