Simple recipes for kids :: choc chip flapjack

I love having a stash of simple recipes for kids on hand for when the children want to do some baking. This choc chip flapjack recipe is a really great one for kids to try. It’s quick and easy to make, uses ingredients you probably have to hand (or at least available the local store) and it lets children practise lots of practical kitchen and maths skills. Oh, and did I mention it’s yummy?

simple recipe for kids flapjack

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Teachers end of year present

So imagine you are your child’s teacher. You’ve spent the last school year taking care of 25 lively, noisy, energetic infants. You’ve listened to all their news, wiped noses, fastened coats, resolved squabbles,  as well as rather a lot of teaching too. Wouldn’t you like to walk into the staff room at playtime on the last day of term to find this…

We couldn’t decide what to make for L’s pre-school teachers as a thank you present. We knew we wanted something homemade that L could help make. These cakes fit the bill perfectly. We used our never fail cake recipe with a butter icing topping. L helped with the weighing, sieving, mixing, egg cracking, cake case counting and spoon licking. The little flags add a cute flourish on top. We wrote ‘with love from’ on one end of a strip of paper and L drew a picture on the other, but you could go with whatever design you like and even print images from a photo. Each strip was folded round a cocktail stick and held in place with a little glue. Super easy, super cute.