My new book The Garden Classroom and year’s worth of play ideas

My new ebook: The Garden Classroom

My new e-book The Garden Classroom was launched this week. It brings you fifty-two creative and playful activities, giving you a whole year’s worth of garden-based projects to enjoy with your children. Come rain or shine, and whatever the season, there are ideas you can use to give your children a connection to nature all year round.

With ideas for bringing art, craft, science, math, literacy and play to your outdoor space I think you will love The Garden Classroom. Come and take a look at the video I’ve made which gives you a peek inside the book, and you can buy your own copy of the book for instant download. I think you’ll find an idea you’ll want to try with your kids this week!

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Monday’s child is…

playing, learning, creating and experimenting in The Garden Classroom – come and take a look at my book


Tuesday’s child is…

taking a tour around my garden to see all the places to play (come and visit!)

Wednesday’s child is…

learning maths with water beads (over at Kids Activities Blog)

 Thursday’s child is…

making a fairy garden from egg cartons (thanks Experimenting Mom)

 Friday’s child is…

growing a sunflower house (thanks Kids Activies Blog)

  Saturday’s child is…

making handprint plant labels (thanks Reading Confetti)

 Sunday’s child is…

playing in a flower sensory tub (thanks Growing a Jeweled Rose)

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  1. Mansi says

    These are all great play Ideas for a week full of fun. Thank You for including our egg carton fairy world.

  2. Imegahan says

    I keep trying to locate the garden book, but clicking the links just bring me to the page asking me to click the link to find the book. I’m in a loop, but would rather a bee line to the book! Thanks!!!!!!

    • says

      Hi Imegahan, thanks for your interest in the book! The links here all take you through to this page ( which explains the ebook is no longer for sale – but watch out for a brand new Garden Classroom book, which is on the way. In the meantime, if you click through on the link you will find lots of other gardening resources.

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