Summer holiday activities

There are 23 days until the school holidays begin.

Believe me those 23 days are going to whizz by in a blur of summer fetes, sports days and school concerts and before you know it you’ll have 7 long weeks of holidays stretching out before you, with children to keep entertained.  Are you ready?

How are you going to keep your kids entertained for 7 whole weeks? We have a plan! Grab yourself a big sheet of paper, stick it to the door of your fridge and start brainstorming. Every time one of the children say ‘Can we make some ice cream?’ or ‘I want to go fossil hunting’ scribble it down on your wish list. You can include:

– places you want to go

– films you want to watch

– books you want to read

– crafts you want to make

– meals you want to cook

– toys you want to play with

By the time the holidays roll around you should have a list of ideas long enough to last you through, bringing lots of fun to your summer.

Got ideas already? Please leave a comment to share your ideas – so we can get some inspiration from you! And don’t forget to keep popping back to NurtureStore as we will be bringing you play ideas right through the summer.  Why not subscribe to our feed or join our Facebook page so you don’t miss any of the ideas.


  1. says

    Here’s our list so far:

    Ontario Place (waterpark)
    Visit Daddy’s office
    Gardiner Ceramic museum
    Fort York
    Centreville (amusement park)
    High Park (giant park with petting zoo)
    Art Gallery of Ontario
    Brickworks Farmer’s Market

    Do photo albums
    Make big papier mache something
    Make city out of boxes
    Make ice cream

    I actually don’t think summer is going to be long enough for all that…

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Hi Amy, great list. Daddy’s office is a great idea. (Wouldn’t work here though as he works upstairs!) We fancy making ice cream too – never done it before.

  2. says

    We did this last year, we called it a wish book. I cut out about 10 circles of coloured card and my daughter wrote one thing that she wanted to do on each one. I then punched a hole in each one and we made them into a little wish book.

    We had loads of fun working our way through them all, funnily enough she asked me last week if we could do another one and you’ve just reminded me about it.

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Hi Magic Mummy, It’s a lovely idea to make a book. You could add photos and keep the book as a momento, couldn’t you?

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