Seashell lemon play dough recipe

I made this lemon play dough recipe while we were away at the beach. It’s perfect for seaside sensory play with some lovely shells. Here’s the recipe.lemon play dough recipe

Homemade lemon play dough recipe

It seems I can’t go anywhere without some beloved play dough! A great thing about homemade play dough is it’s so quick and easy to make – even at a beach cottage, with limited ingredients in the kitchen.

lemon play dough

Adapted from my favourite easy play dough recipe I mixed up:

2 mugs of flour

1 mug of salt

1 1/2 mugs of water

2 tablespoons-ish of oil

Our holiday cottage was lacking in cream of tartar {no surprise there really!} but you can just leave that out and still get a great homemade play dough.

lemon play dough recipe

And for a little bit of added zing I grated in the rind of a lemon. Mix everything together to form a dough and you’re ready to play.

shell playdoughThe beach of course is the perfect place to find some loose parts to add in to the play. So many lovely pebbles and shells to collect.

playdough and shells

The dough and the shells make such a simple, natural invitation to play. They’re a great contrast in textures and open to play, however your child chooses.

playdough with shells

The shells make great prints in the dough, but with a child’s imagination this simple set-up can become a whole other world….

homemade lemon play dough recipe

with a deep, dark cave…

homemade playdough recipe

and long snakes who live there…

play dough recipe

in a stylish residence by the sea!


the homemade play dough recipe book call

The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book

Play dough is so great for children’s imaginations! As my daughter played, she told tales and gave her characters voices – great early story telling and a wonderful, hands-on literacy lesson.

If your children love play dough, or you’d like some inspiration for how to use it as the basis of all sorts of play and learning, come and take a look at The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book. I’ve gathered together all my favourite recipes and a play ideas for imaginary play, storytelling, art, math and more. Click through to take a look.


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