Rose petal sensory play tub

One of my girls is so romantic, and this rose petal sensory play tub was made just for her. It smells wonderful and gives children a new natural material to explore – and it’s lovely for imaginary play.flower sensory tub

Rose petal sensory play tub

Both my children have their own special plants in our garden, which they chose, planted and help to look after. My youngest {and most romantic} dreamed of a yellow rose, which begins to flower in her birthday month of June. {You can see B’s conker tree here.}The first of the blooms are just starting to drop and, before they make their way to the compost heap, we gathered some up to make a fragrant sensory tub.

rose petal sensory play tub

Rose petals have such a silky feel, and we only needed a few flowers to fill the whole tub. We added in a wedding pair of Sylvanian rabbits, along with some foil shapes for confetti and a little wedding breakfast feast.

rose petal sensory play tub

And L collected some extra tiny flowers to make the bride a bouquet.

rose petal sensory play tubAt first, she always seems to love to just explore the touchy-feely qualities of a sensory tub – and of course this time there was the added extra of the lovely smell.  We searched on Spotify for ‘wedding march’ and found some great music to play in the background.

flower sensory tub rose petal


Once she’s enjoyed the feeling, the imaginary play takes over. Here’s the bride and groom and their guests posing for the official photograph!
rose petal sensory play tub

Such a lovely, fragrant sensory tub – it would be great to keep the children happy at a summer wedding!

flower sensory play

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