Rainbow art handprint wreath

This rainbow art handprint wreath is a fun hands-on craft, and is part of our rainbow-themed activities unit.

Beautiful rainbow handprint wreath craft, plus a whole unit of rainbow-themed activities

Rainbow handprint wreath  craft

We loved our Christmas handprint wreath so much, we decided to up date it for spring and make a rainbow version.

rainbow art handprintsThe wreath is easy to make. Start off by laying out a long roll of paper. I often use rolls of wallpaper lining paper, which you can find in a pound store. Also set out some paint – rainbow colours of course. Putting each colour on an individual, shallow dish makes it easy for the children to cover their hands in paint.

rainbow handprints craftProcess and product

Then it’s time for printing.  It is really important to give children the opportunity to try out and enjoy the process of making art – having a go with different materials and techniques, with no over-controlling of how the end product looks. And I think there is also a place for crafts where we do have a finished product in mind – which gives us the opportunity to work as a team, listen to instructions and follow a recipe of steps.

So, today we did both. We made a sheet of handprints specifically for our wreath, making sure we got all the colours, and enough clear handprints to cut out to cover the wreath. And we did some extra sheets where we enjoyed the process of putting our hands in the paint, trying out the printing, and making whatever shapes, patterns and designs each child liked.

rainbow handprintsThe free-style printing, especially on a large scale such as on our rolls of paper, makes great wall hangings, and you can use it for colourful wrapping paper too.

For our rainbow wreath, we cut out three handprints of each colour, and stuck them onto a ring of cardboard. Keep going around the ring until you have a complete circle of rainbow handprints.

rainbow handprint wreath craft

More rainbow themed activities

Our rainbow art handprint wreath is now the centre  of our rainbow play station.  Come and take a look at the station for all sorts of rainbow themed activities, including maths, literacy, sensory play, fine motor skills, art and craft – with a free printable rainbow journal.

Great set up for a rainbow theme unit, with ideas for rainbow activities including maths, literacy, art, sensory play, and free printables.


An excellent resource of preschool activities, toghether with 10 printables. Includes math, literacy, art, science and play ideas for thre to fice year olds. Click through to download your copy.

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