Pumpkin games

Quick to set up, lots of fun to play: try these pumpkin games for some seasonal maths and literacy practise.

Love these great ideas for pumpkin games!Pumpkin games

I’ve confessed before about how much I love pumpkins, so I’m rather pleased with this idea! These pumpkin games are really quick and easy to set up, and they’re such a fun way to practice maths facts and sight word recognition.

While it’s important for children to go over basic sums and reading, it can get rather repetitive, so it’s always good to introduce ways to keep the learning fun. These pumpkin games are good to use with one child, even more fun as a circle game with a group, and add some action and giggles to learning. pumpkin games for kids

To set up these pumpkins games the only thing you will need is a pumpkin and a permanent marker. We’re using two fairy large pumpkins, so we can include both maths and reading/spelling practice.

Use your marker to write on the pumpkin:

:: write the sight words, vocabulary or spellings you are working on

:: write the maths facts questions you’re practicing: addition, subtraction, times tables  -what ever is right for your children

:: you could also write some conversation starter questions on the pumpkin to get some discussion going, or even include some Halloween-themed challenges.

pumpkin games for halloweenThen you’re ready to play:

:: sit on the floor and roll the pumpkin to each other

:: when you catch it, whichever word or question your thumb lands on is yours. Can you read the word? Solve the maths puzzle? Answer the question?

:: then roll it on to someone else, so they can take a turn

pumpkin games

You can adapt the game to suit the children playing.

:: work in pairs or as a whole group.

:: have one pumpkin in play for younger children, one for older children

:: have one for words and one for maths

pumpkin games halloween

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