Eat some numbers: Fruit cocktail maths


Maths activities for preschoolers work best when they are fun (of course!) and practical – using real objects the children can feel, rather than abstract numbers on a worksheet.

Try this fruit cocktail maths activity for some tasty number practice.

How to make a counting cocktail

1. Talk about the fruits that would be great in a fruit cocktail and have the children write or draw a list of possible ingredients.

2. Go shopping or raid the fruit bowl to find your ingredients and wash, peel and chop the fruit into pieces.

3. Recipe time.  Have the children create their own fruit cocktail recipe and write or draw them out on a recipe card.

You could use a 1, 2, 3 ,4, 5 recipe, where the children must pick one of some kind of fruit, two of another, three of another, and so on.

Or use an ‘Adds up to ten’ recipe, where the children can pick any combination of fruits they like so long as they total ten pieces all together.

If you’re interested in colours, you could make the rule that they need five different colours in their cocktail.

If you’re interested in letters you could require that all the fruits in the recipe start with a different sound.

4. Eat and enjoy your bowl full of numbers.

You can find lots more preschool maths activities in our maths archive.

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      Yes katepickle, always useful to have some ideas to sneak in for reluctant kids. 😉

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