Poems about sunflowers

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Have you ever tried writing poetry with children? So far this summer the Sunflower Club has inspired us with measurement, science, art, numbers and biology and today we’re tried out some poems about sunflowers.

growing sunflowers

We had a go with two different prompts. The first was to take each letter of the word ‘sunflower’ and see if we could find another word beginning with that letter which suited our flowers. This worked well for my 7 year old but didn’t click with my four year old.

For the second prompt we used some starter sentences to brainstorm ideas. For example…

A sunflower is….

The sunflower’s colour is…

A sunflower is tall like…

The petals are like…

We then took the ‘answers’ and combined them to make our poem.  Here’s what we came up with – what do you think?


Up to the sky




Over our heads


Extremely tall



Bright, beautiful, radiant colour

Like a lion’s mane

Tall as a mountain, up to the sky

Happy and sunny and radiant

And don’t forget you are invitied to our Sunflower Club linky party on August 25th. If you have been growing sunflowers or doing any sunflower activities over the summer please come and share your ideas with us. Whether you’ve a tip for planting, advice for growing giants, sunflower pictures or crafts, please come and link up with us.

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  1. says

    The sunflower we grow from the seeds you kindly sent us flowered today!! It was very exciting, I have posted a picture. We will be doing some kind of sunflower craft for before the 25th so will share.

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Oh Emily how lovely! Thanks for letting us now – I shall tell the girls. look forward to seeing your craft idea.

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