Why you should play with your food

Do your kids like to play with their food? I know there are times when we might discourage this and focus on promoting polite table manners, but there are other times when fun food can be just what you need to get reluctant writers, drawers, counters and storytellers bursting with enthusiasm.

We’ve been playing around with  Jacob’s Oddities this week – cute little snacks that come in all sorts of fun shapes that are just right for making art you can eat!

How to turn food into art and creative story telling

The children started off creating some pictures. The Oddities include spaceships, people, ducks and cameras – all fun story starters.

With younger children you can scribe their stories for them, so their ideas can keep flowing and they can customise the Oddities to fit their tale.

B created a whole space game with her Oddities: watch out that you don’t get grabbed by that alien on your way to Neptune!

If you’d like to try some maths games with your Oddities, check out our muffin tin maths activity.

Lots of play, creativity, imagination and language fun from one little snack pack!

What to try this at home? Get your Oddities here!

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  1. Naomi says

    This is such a great idea, have planned it into my Literacy lessons this week with my group of reluctant writers!!

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