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Monday’s child is…

opening windows on the Hallmark Advent Calendar. Each window gives you a fabulous and fun Christmas idea to try. There are recipes such as Apple Snow Smoothie with pomegranate and Festive Cinnamon Stars. And lovely crafts like super cute Santa ornaments and Christmas hearts. All the windows open up and give videos and printable pdfs, so you can log-off and go make, bake and be merry! Hop on over and see who’s behind the window today – it might be someone you recognise, wink, wink!

hallmark advent calendar

Tuesday’s child is…


 making a model Christmas village to let it snow!


let it snow

Wednesday’s child is…


learning how to spell with lots of fun, sensory play ideas


how to spell

 Thursday’s child is…

making Christmas trees to eat (over at BabyCentre)


 Friday’s child is…

baking lots of decorations (over at BabyCentre)

salt dough recipe

  Saturday’s child is…

collaging Christmas stockings (over at Hands On As We Grow)

2010-12-23_4189 (1)

 Sunday’s child is…

chilling out with some Yuletide Yoga poses (over at Small Potatoes)


Find many more ideas on the Hallmark Advent Calendar


For more festive tips, Christmas crafts and delicious recipes all the way through to Christmas, head over to Hallmark, open a window on their advent calendar and get yourself a treat!



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