Play dough fireworks!

Here’s a simple, sensory play idea from my daughter: play dough fireworks!

Play dough fireworks!Play dough fireworks

Black play dough can make a great night sky, filled with colourful fireworks!

You’ll need some dough – ours is always made with our favourite homemade play dough recipe, this time with some black paint squeezed in, along with lavish sprinkles of silver glitter.
black play dough recipe

  Then you’ll need some fireworks. Gift tag bows could be good…

play dough fireworkswith some shiny ribbons to be the fireworks’ swooshy tails.   {A nice opportunity to practice some scissor skills too.}

play dough fireworksRoll out your play dough sky with a rolling pin…

play dough fireworksand decorate with your fireworks.

play dough firework activityBeautiful!

play dough firework activity

More play dough and firework ideas

For more firework fun you might like our firework paintings, firework cookies and whizzing Catherine Wheels.

And for a whole year’s worth of play dough ideas, including art, math, storytelling and play ideas, download your copy of The Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book.

homemade play dough recipe 7 300


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