Play Academy #29

Welcome to this week’s Play Academy Idea Swap – have you got an idea to share?

play academy

Did you see last week’s Carnival of Small World Play! Over fifty fabulous ideas including castles,nursery rhymes, seasides, farms, and our own double decker bus. You all have such imaginations.

This week’s idea swap is open to any kind of play, so please share a link with us. I love how ideas get shared around so children get to have fun – Louisa, one of our followers on Facebook, used Sunnymama’s volcano idea with her children this week and (literally) had a blast!

If you’d like to link back to this page, grab a badge or invite your twitter and facebook friends to come and use the ideas too that would be fab.

And if you’re a fan of children’s crafts you’ll also love the  Kids Get Crafty link-up each Wednesday over at RedTedArt.

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