Play Academy #22

Welcome to this week’s Play Academy Idea Swap – have you got an idea to share?

play academy

Thank you for all the feedback on our Play Academy carnivals. I’ve drawn up a schedule for 2011 so pop over to the Play Academy page if you’d like to see the carnival themes for the year. The first carnival is in two weeks time on Friday 29th January and it’s a Carnival of Maths Play. Any kind of maths play ideas will be very welcome: numbers, counting, measuring, size, volume, shapes, crafts, activites and song ideas.  You might like to include some maths in your play over the next two weeks, and old posts are very welcome too. Please come and link up your maths play posts on Friday 29th January 2011 to help us build an archive of ideas we can all dip into, whenever we need them.

This week anything goes so please feel free to add a link below to show us what you’ve been playing this week.

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