Pancakes recipe for Shrove Tuesday

I’m sharing our favourite pancakes recipe today because Monday mornings in our house nearly always mean pancakes for breakfast – such a nice way to start the week. It’s also Shrove Tuesday {Mardi Gras} on February 12th, which in the UK is also know as Pancake Day, when pancakes are traditionally eaten as a final feast before the fasting of Lent begins.

My pancakes recipe is easy and quick, which makes it a great choice for encouraging kids into the kitchen. Here’s how to make pancakes with some ideas at the end for extra Pancake Day activities to try with your kids.

pancakes recipe

Pancakes recipe

This pancakes recipe makes around ten large pancakes. You will need:

2 large eggs

1 pint of milk

8oz (225g) of plain (all purpose) flour

pancakes recipe

Start by whisking the eggs together in a large bowl. {Do your children know how to crack an egg?}

pancakes recipeThen add your flour and whisk some more.

pancakes recipePour in the milk little by little, whisking as you go.

pancakes recipe Here’s where things get controversial! To cook your pancakes, heat some oil or butter in a frying pan and spoon in a ladle full of your pancake batter. Cook your pancake for a couple of minutes, then flip over in the pan to cook the other side. In the UK pancakes are generally super thin…

pancakes recipeand flavoured with a filling of your choice. I say lemon and sugar every time, L says jam, B says sugar pure and simple.

pancakes recipeThen the pancake gets rolled up tight before you eat it. Agree?

Since I posted some pancake pictures on Instagram I’m learning that many, especially those in the US, make a whole other kind of pancake. How do you eat yours?

Activities for Pancake Day

Count, measure and graph your pancakes with these fun maths games

Set up a Pancake day kitchen role play

Play a Pancake Flip Sight Word Game

pancakes fun maths for kids


  1. says

    Your pancakes look yummy! I’ve been making them a lot this week but we use half milk, and half water. I think it helps the thinness!

    I always felt that American pancakes were more like our drop scones, or scotch pancakes!!

  2. Laurel says

    Hello! Chiming in from the US!

    I would call a thin pancake a crepe even though this recipe is different from a crepe recipe. My pancakes are fluffy and thick (my recipe came from my grandmother). Then I put butter on it and cover it in maple syrup. I don’t know what a drop scone is, but I want to try that too! I love breakfast food.

    I can’t wait to try this recipe! I too love lemon and want to try it with Nutella and bananas. Thanks for sharing!

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