Printable sea creatures for ocean play dough

Play dough fans rejoice! Kate from Picklebums is joining us today with a fantastic set of printable sea creatures that are perfect for enjoying with some ocean play dough.Fabulous printable sea creatures: great  accessories for ocean play dough

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This week’s big challenge :: Play Planner


What’s challenging you this week?

My biggest challenge this week is guarding my little baby cucumber and courgette seedlings from those huge, greedy snails. That one in the photo was having a snooze right on the side of the pot in my greenhouse, passing the time away until it got dark and it could sneak out and start eating.

My younger daughter’s challenge this week has been tidying her bedroom, which took her an awful long time, but she was very pleased with herself once it was done. And my older daughter’s challenge has been working out how to make the dragon mask she’s dreamed up. Lots of trial and error, testing materials, and liberal amounts of paper mache, and she’s on the way to working it out.

What about you? What’s been challenging you and your children this week? Email me back and let me know – I’d love to hear from you.

Hope you have a great week this coming week – Cathy
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