Stock up on ideas with a half-price sale!

sept 2014 half price

Stock up on ideas with our half-price sale!

For one week only you can use codes 3to5 and 0to2 to get 50% off two of our most popular ebooks. They’re just $4.49 each this week – and bursting with ideas, activities and printables!


Zero to Two: The Book of Play is full of lovely, sensory, play-based ideas for our youngest learners. It comes with a set of printable puppets and stroller cards, and is just right for babies and toddlers. See more details of the book here, buy it now, and use code 0to2 to get it for just $4.49.


Three to Five: Playful Preschool is packed with hands-on, creative ideas, including math, literacy, science, art and play.  It comes with ten fantastic printables including My First Journal, a city-scene for pretend play, recipe card, and math and alphabet game cards. See more details of the book here, buy it now, and use code 3to5 to get it for just $4.49.

This offer is only available until Sunday 14th September 2014, so please do make use of the discount codes now to grab yourself a bargain.

You can buy the ebooks wherever you are in the world. You pay via PayPal, which will take care of any currency conversion for you.

Both are ebooks, which means you will be sent a link that allows you to download a pdf containing the ebook and all the resources. You can save it to your computer or iPad* and then either read on screen or print some/all of the pages, as you prefer.

*You can buy the ebook now, on any device, and then download it when you are ready. Depending on the apps you have installed and your operating system, you might be able to download the ebook on your mobile device. However if you have any doubts or problems, I recommend you use a computer to download the book and then share it to your mobile devices. You will be sent download instructions when your purchase the ebook.

Here’s this week’s Play Planner

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Homemade bath paint recipe

This homemade bath paint recipe has just two ingredients and you can make it in seconds. You could whip some up for bath time tonight!

Homemade bath paint recipe :: great for kids sensory play activities

Homemade bath paint recipe

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Rainbow activities :: art, science and sensory play

Add some color to your learning with our Rainbow Fun complete lesson plans. This set of resources gives you everything you need to plan a program of art projects, science experiments, recipes, games and songs, all with a rainbow theme.

Rainbow activities for kids :: rainbow art, rainbow crafts, rainbow science experiments and sensory play

Rainbow activities :: Rainbow Fun

This comprehensive resource is written by MaryLea Harris and draws on her many years of experience working with children in art classrooms. MaryLea is an artist, art teacher and mother of two. She combines her formal art training with her hands-on work in schools and art camps to create a resource which is easy to do at home or in class, fun, colorful, and which offers a rich arts and science education experience. Download your copy here.

rainbow activities science

Complete rainbow themed program

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No salt play dough recipe :: taste safe, gluten free sensory play

The BBC reported this week that homemade play dough can contain enough salt to poison children. It said no fatalities have been reported, but advised that children should be watched carefully when playing with any play dough. It didn’t offer any alternative recipes that contain little or no salt, and it didn’t say that play dough is an amazing sensory material that offers so much to children who have the opportunity to play with it.

Homemade play dough, used with thought, care and imagination, is perhaps the best childhood material there is, in my opinion. So, rather than feel scared that it might harm our children, and stop using it, let’s look at how amazing it is, and try a salt free play dough recipe.

No salt play dough recipe :: homemade play dough, all natural ingredients, taste safe, gluten free option

The benefits of playing with play dough

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Sensory bags for babies, toddlers and beyond

These sensory bags made using gel are wonderful for using our senses of touch and sight, and combine especially well with the sunshine. Here’s how to make them and ideas for using them for sensory play activities.

Homemade sensory bags for sensory play activities for babies, toddler and older children. Love the tip about using it for spelling!

Sensory bags for babies, toddlers and beyond 

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