Favourite pretend play and dressing up :: Simple Play

Pretend play and dressing up are important parts of childhood learning. They encourage children to stretch their imagination, try out important life skills and situations, and really work on developing language. For day fourteen of our Simple Play series, here are some favourite ways to encourage imaginary play.

Great ideas for pretend play and dressing up for kids | NurtureStore :: inspiration for kids

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Valentine craft with fine motor skills and gratitude!

This is a cute and easy Valentine craft that has lots of fine motor skills and gratitude included! It’s a great mess-free Valentine craft and perfect if you need to make a last-minute Valentine too.

Gorgeous easy Valentine craft for kids - contact paper hearts with a focus on fine motor skills and gratitude

Easy Valentine craft with a focus on fine motor skills and gratitude

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Storybook activities :: simple play

Take a book, any book, but preferably a favourite, and bring it to life for a day of creative play with these story book activities.

Storybook activities :: an excellent resource for bringing books to life | NurtureStore :: inspiration for kids

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Happy Handmade :: fun projects to make with and for children

Happy Handmade is bursting with colourful and imaginative crafts and DIY toys that are designed to add even more colour and creativity to your home. With easy-to-follow tutorials and free patterns and printables, you can read, make, and start playing today!


Happy Handmade :: fun projects to make with and for children

If you enjoy making, love recycling, and favour creative play and toys that encourage imagination and fun, Happy Handmade is the book for you! It’s a beautiful book that makes you want to start crafting straightaway. I love that the projects are all easily ‘do-able’ and use materials we already have at home, but also all have that special spark of creativity that makes them unique. And most of all I love how each project is a springboard into lots of fun, creative play.

The book is edited by Michelle McInerney, the creative force behind the wonderful MollyMoo website, and brings together projects from some of the best crafty bloggers around. I’m thrilled to add it to the NurtureStore shop and to share it with you.

craft-ebook-sample-spread1 (2)

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Full of crafty and creative projects 

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Making puppets with children :: Simple Play

Making puppets with children is a springboard into art, story telling, role play and lots of language practise. Here are some great ideas you can use to make and play with puppets ~ part of our Simple Play :: complex learning series.

How to make puppets and use them for language skills, story telling and role play

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