Ideas for children’s writing

If you’re looking for a fun idea to get your child writing, try making a Zig Zag Book. It’s a great way to encourage beginners to have a go at writing. The format of the book is fun and quirky and lets them do lots of drawings, adding in a little writing too.

kids writing zigzag book


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Creative writing for kids using peg dolls

Stepping away from paper and pencil can be a great way to spark enthusiastic, creative writing for kids. Here’s how we use puppets and peg dolls to get some stories started.

Creative writing for kids, using peg dolls and puppets

Creative writing for kids using peg dolls

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Blast off! space game

This space game is fun to play and gives you lots of scope to work on counting, subtracting, multiplication, number patterns, lively actions and space facts.

It’s versatile and can be adapted for children of different ages – and it’s really easy to make. Here’s how to make and play Blast Off! together with a great selection of other space games and activities you can use to explore all about space.

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5 reasons speech bubbles are great for learning to read and write

We’ve hit on a winning combination this week and discovered a super fun way to encourage lots of reading and writing. Here’s how we’re using speech bubbles to bring giggles to learning to read and write.


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New look NurtureStore :: Play Planner

A free weekly play planner delivered straight to your email in box each week, with seven play-based learning ideas for the week ahead.

NurtureStore has a new look!

If you’re reading this by email click though and take a look at the new-look site. Hope you like it!

Michelle from Mollymoo Crafts has helped make it look all new and fancy. And I’ve been busy behind the scenes, organising the archive of over 1000 activity ideas to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for.

Did you know you can…?

1. Use the menu bar across the top to search by topic or theme

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3. Use our about page to see our key activities for math, literacy and language, art, sensory play and our simple play series.

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Here’s this week’s Play Planner

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