One potato, two potato

One potato, two potato, three potato, four

Five potato, six potato, seven potato more

It’s easy to include some maths in your garden if you’ve been growing your own fruit and vegetables.

You could…

Count how many potatoes you have. Draw up a chart to record the harvest from your garden and add up the grand total of what you’ve grown.

Rank your produce by size from biggest to smallest.

Measure your spuds – ours went from 1cm up to 10cm.

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  1. min says

    Wow! I’m impressed with both the potatoes and all the potato math! That would be interesting to compare the harvest from year to year and speculate why there were more potatoes produced in one year than another. I love the potato sort. Looks like a work of art! And measuring….you can weigh the potatoes and measure its circumference too! I love the chart idea the most. I have to keep this in mind when we get our sweet potatoes. Thanks for sharing on our math links. I’m looking forward to linking some of our play ideas as well!

  2. says

    Visiting from Math Links – what fun math-literature post. I am motivated to go for a “potato day” and adding all those lovely links to my Evernote.

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