Messy play ideas

Don’t be afraid of a little mess! Sensory play is so beneficial for children: it’s creative and good for role playing, relaxing, great for fine motor skills, and teaches lots of science too. Try some of these ideas.

Ice Cream Playdough recipe

Top 10 playdough ideas

Foot print painting

Air drying clay models

Top 10 water play ideas

Car wash

Bubble painting

Jelly play ideas

Snow play

Sand pictures

The Messy Play Carnival 2010


  1. Samantha says

    Has anyone ever tried Magic milk- its great fun all you have to do is half fill a large shallow tray with milk (any will do) add washing up liquid to it (brand washing up liquid such as fairy gives the best froth) then add different colour food colourings the washing up liquid and the milk mix together to create colourful patterns…… the kids loved watching the colours moving about :-) try it

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