Letter and maths games with autumn leaves

Bring on the autumn! There’s not much better to lift your spirits than jumping through a big pile of crunchy leaves with your kids. While you’re out and about enjoying the new season, collect up some leaves and bring them home to play these seasonal letter and maths games.

Maths games for autumn

You can transform a pile of autumn leaves in to learning resources by painting on some numbers and letters. We used correction fluid but a permanent marker or acrylic paint could do the job just as well. You could laminate the leaves or cover them in contact paper/sticky backed plastic to help them last a little longer as you play.

Lay out a jumble of number leaves and try these maths games – depending on the age and stage of your children:

1. Spot the number that matches your age

2. Point to each number and say its name out loud

3. Arrange the numbers in order: getting bigger or getting smaller (if you organise your leaves when you’re adding the numbers you can correspond ascending numbers on leaves that are increasing in size.)

4. Make some repeating patterns with the colours and shapes of your leaves:

one green, one brown, one green, one brown…

one green, two brown, three yellow, one green, two brown, three yellow…


Letter games for autumn

Make a set of leaves with letters (perhaps on the reverse side to your numbers) and you can play some letter games too.

1. Lay out the leaves in a jumble and see which letters you recognise.

2. Find the letters in your own name.

3. Layout the letters from a word your child knows, or a spelling they’re trying to learn, and see if they can unscramble them.

4. Add some of the  leaves to a sensory tub and hunt out all the letters.

5. Hide the leaves around the house or garden and go on a letter treasure trail. Can you find the whole alphabet?


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