Math games with 3M Post-it Super Sticky Notes

I’m working with 3M today, to showcase some of the fun you can have with their super sticky Post-it Notes. Here’s some hands-on math games you can try, exploring shape, size, patterns and scale, with some art and imaginary play thrown in for good measure too!

Great ideas for hands-on math games using Post-It notes: exploring shape, scale, patterns and size.

Math games with Post-it Notes

My children seem to have inherited my love of new stationery, as they couldn’t wait to get their hands on the brightly-coloured Post-it notes that 3M sent us.

3M also sent us a challenge, to see if we could use the Post-it Notes to make some fabulous window art. They said that 3M Post-it Super Sticky Notes have an enhanced adhesive, which holds stronger and longer to a multitude of surfaces – and they’re right! It’s been disappointing in the past when we’ve used other sticky notes in games and crafts, because they always fall off half-way through. These 3M Post-it Notes have been fab though – holding in place on the window, wall and fridge door for days and days of play, and not leaving behind any marks either.

We love combining all sorts of hands-on learning, so I decided to set the girls a few extra challenges, to bring in some math games too.

Great ideas for math games with post it notes

Challenge #1: can you draw an amazing castle?

I set out the 3M Post-it Notes with some challenge cards and some squared paper. The first challenge was to draw out a fabulous castle on the squared paper, using only the shapes of the Post-it Notes: squares, rectangles and (folded) triangles.


hands-on math


Challenge #2: can you build your castle on the window using Post-it notes?

With their dream castles drawn, challenge two was to transfer their design onto the window, using the Post-it Notes. This is a great exercise in:

following a ‘blueprint’

matching shapes, colours, patterns and sizes

working with differences in scale


It’s also lots of fun to do this on a window – different and more fun than only using paper, especially when passers-by stop and look up at your design as they walk down the street!

math games with post it notes

Challenge #3: can you draw someone who lives in your castle?

And why stop at math games, when you can bring in art, storytelling and imaginary play too? As the 3M Post-it Notes peeled-off and re-stuck themselves so well, they were perfect to use to create some extra characters to live in the castle.


You can move the characters and keep re-positioning them around the castle – giving us a fab window display with lots of added imaginary play.



More fun math games

For some more fun math games, take a look at

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More Post-it Note ideas

And check out the 3M Post-it Notes facebook page  for some amazing ideas for all sorts of things you could do with your Post-it notes!

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Add some Fizz, Pop, Bang to your learning!

Take a look at our resources for creative science and math activities.

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    Well, I have never really thought to do something so impressive with post-it notes before. What fun! Thanks.

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