Win over £100 worth of creative play prizes from Makedo

Edited 30th November 2012: This competition is now closed. Congratulations to Antonia and Lisa J – you won! My girls loved your ideas. I’ve just sent you an e-mail to arrange your prize

I have a super competition for you today, with over £100 in prizes from Makedo on offer. The prizes are just right for creative kids who love to play! Makedo is a great new product that takes junk modelling to a whole new level. These Makedo kits enable children of all ages to transform packaging into exciting play objects such as cars, playhouses, robots  – whatever their imagination desires.

The competition is for UK residents only and I have two sets of prizes on offer. It’s super easy to enter the competition. All you have to do is answer this question:

What’s the very best thing you could do with a cardboard box?

My daughters B and L will pick their two favourite suggestions and the the two readers who gave those suggestions will be the winners.

Over £100 worth of Makedo prizes

Here’s what you could win

Touted as the ‘Lego of the next generation’ by international media, Makedo is a reusable connector system that enables materials such as cardboard, plastic and fabric to be joined together to form new objects or structures. It is based on an ingeniously simple and reusable connector system comprising Re-clips to connect with; Lock-hinges to hinge with; and a handy Safe-saw tool to enable kids to safely punch holes and saw through all kinds of materials.

The Makedo prizes

I have two Makedo prizes consisting of 2 great bundles worth over £60 each.

Each bundle will include Makedo Find & Make kits for the London Tube, London bus, 2 flowers and 2 robots.

Each kit contains directions, connectors and a Safe-saw – all you need is plenty of recycling and a healthy imagination!

How to enter the competition

To win just leave a comment on this post with your answer to this question:

What’s the very best thing you could do with a cardboard box?


One entry per person. UK residents only. You have until midnight (GMT) on Friday 23rd November 2012 to leave your comment.  You must give your e-mail address in the box when you comment (so I can contact you) or your entry will not be counted. My daughters B and L will each pick their favourite idea and the people who left these comments will be two winners. I will send your e-mail details to Makedo and they will arrange delivery of your prizes. All queries must be sent directly to Makedo.

Makedo is supported by the Makedo website ( that features online galleries with literally hundreds of photos of exciting creations made by people from all corners the world. It is a universal resource for a global community of makers who are invited to upload their creations to share and inspire others.

Makedo is available at Selfridges, Tate Modern and through toy and gift retailers internationally plus at Makedo’s online store .

So tell me:

What’s the very best thing you could do with a cardboard box?

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  1. says

    What a wonderful prize.

    We’d have to make Santa’s sleigh, a reindeer and a Special Santa letter post box. The girls would play with it all the time. I can just picture the three of them sitting in it pretending they are delivering all the letters to father Christmas.

  2. Heather Davenport says

    I would love to make a roller coaster.

    My daughter is an adrenalin junkie :-)

  3. Morag says

    We would love to make a pirate ship, we have a resident Pirate Captain and a couple of visiting Pirates who need a good ship for pirate adventures. I already have my Pirate language poster at the ready, so a good ship build could seal the day.


  4. Miranda Kennedy says

    I made my daughter a toy kitchen from 2 nappy boxes. It has opening doors and everything! We love making our own toys :)

  5. Amanda Edmonds says

    My little ones love to play jack in the box – they hide in the box and the other one has to be surprised when they jump out and shout boo very loudly!

  6. says

    We would build a theatre for the various shows and ballets that my children like to put on. Oh and we’ll need a box office to sell the tickets and a tuck shop to sell sweets, ice cream and sparkly tiaras!

  7. Cat says

    For our halloween party we made a spooky tunnel from 2 large cardboard boxes taped together with green string lights poked through the top! It gave off a really eerie glow and we decorated the outside to look like a haunted house! :-)

  8. marlene johnston says

    I have two daughter’s myself and I know they would make a keep sake box they would make it all pretty. And put special things in it :-)

  9. Bryony Braschi says

    My two year old son and I would use it to make a playden and luxury cat house for our cat Daisy. She loves sitting in suitcases and boxes of any kind and would love jumping in and out of the windows and doors of her house and playing with my toddler :)

  10. Naomi Slater says

    We love making things from cardboard boxes in our class! We have just made a giant pyramid for our Ancient Egypt topic out of
    I could use it to create a huge rocket as some of the boys who don’t like to write love to imagine that they are flying in a rocket to different planets and make discoveries that no-one ever has!
    Or we would create a camouflaged hide so the children could watch the birds that are in our playground as we have just put up some new bird feeders and we will be making bird snacks from seeds and lard!
    What a great competition! :-)

  11. Lucy says

    I love creating with cardboard. The last thing I made was a piñata using cardboard. My next project is to make an apple tree and hang up fake apples for my sons to pretend to pick.

  12. Carrol Gillias says

    a space rocket come car that can take the children to make believe lands visit fairy land…charlie and the chocolate factory..lands in space meet the aliens, what a wonderful time they would have.

  13. Antonia says

    I would make some horse stables, put some hay and straw in for the ponies to sleep in :) a pony palace!! Little cardboard jumps etc xxx

  14. says

    Possibilities are endless with a cardboard box (especially with Makedo, but I would make an item of farm machinery,a tractor of harvester.

  15. Angie Williamson says

    Wow fly to the moon, sail across the seven seas, fight a fire, make magic in a secret den….xxx

  16. Laura Adams says

    We have made a house for our dolls and teddies out of a big cardboard box. We cut out windows and doors and used carpet pieces for the floor. We papered the walls with samples from a wallpaper book. We added fairy lights through the roof. The children painted bricks on the outside and used material for the curtains. The dolls and teddies had a lovely comfy home. We are making furniture from boxes and junk. We are thinking of a number for our red door. The children want a garage next!

  17. georgina davies says

    make do love the name, lol exactly what kids do find fun to be had everywhere

  18. anna says

    turn it into a tv, so we can present our own programmes from inside it. me and my sister used to do this when we were little, loads of fun

  19. Alex Smith says

    Anything you want it to be. A child’s imagination is a wonderous thing and whatever a child creates from a cardboard box is the REAL THING !! Oh to be a child again.

  20. Sebby says

    We cut a big hole in in two sides of one, put it on a raised wooden pallet and our rabbit had her own tunnel/play house. She loved it :)

  21. Monika says

    You could make a pirate ship, aye aye ! And who refuses to play can walk the plank, aye! 😉

  22. Michaela Turner says

    The best thing would be a secret hideaway where no mams and dads are allowed :)

  23. san says

    We used our last box to make a puppet show theater for my little boys toys to play in.

  24. Tracy Nixon says

    Our last huge box creation was a castle from our washing machine box! It was during the Royal Wedding celebrations when my two girls were princess mad! (and still are!) We even made turrets from a large carpet tube that my parents had. We painted it and everything! Unfortunately it ended up in the garden because our doggy decided to pee up the side of it lol!

  25. gail richards says

    Me and the kids love making little dens with cardboxes they would eat there dinner in there if they could

  26. EMMA WALTERS says


  27. Kate says

    I’d use a large box to collect lots of other bits of recycling in then give it to the kids and see what they do. Who knows how they’d play with it or what they’d create! I love discovering what’s interesting them and captivating their imagination.

  28. andrea miles says

    pretend it’s a boat or car or anything you want it to be – making something with it reduces it’s possibilities

  29. barbara shaw says

    You could be kind and feel it full of your Makedo Creative Play products and I could play with my grandchildren – thats a brilliant idea – lol

  30. emma jones says


  31. Jen Schofield says

    Would be an igloo! Pretend your an eskimo in the cold, but keep warm in your new igloo!

  32. says

    The best thing I ever made with a cardboard box was when I was teaching at a girls school in Year 1. We were learning about fairytales and our favourite was Cinderella, so we turned a ENORMOUS cardboard box into Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage. It was fantastic – it had windows with little velvet curtains and was painted orange and decorated all over with pretend jewels and shiny things. We made a seat inside with cushions on and I left lots of pretty dresses next to it for playing ‘going to the ball.’

  33. Rachel Jones says

    Me and my two children (Millie & Codie) would make santa’s workshop, they would play with there toys for hours in here! and the christmas fun would never end!

  34. Zoe G says

    A double decker bus, me and the kids did this a while back with a huge box, we painted it red and they took it in turns as the driver

  35. kerry Locke says

    Definitely a homemade Den – there is nothing like having your very own secret hidy hole in the corner of the living room – Breakfast – Lunch and Tea all served to the squire living in the makeshift home in the corner please!!!

  36. Kelly Koya says

    My boys would make a big pirate ship I think! In the summer, when it’s too cold to go in the paddling pool they love to be let loose with the contents of the recycling bins and a couple of reels of masking tape!

  37. Shelley Hawkins says

    my daughter made a “guitar” with a cardboard box and elastic bands and it’s much loved!

  38. Denise says

    My children would love this, we made a pirate ship out of lots of cardboard boxes and had endless fun in it sailing the high seas, best fun for getting kids to work together and use their imagination.

  39. renae says

    best thing we made with a cardboard boxes was a robot city, my daughter made cardboard box body, legs arms etc for herself and then made a cafe using boxes where she served up robot food ( metal pots and pans apparently), she had such a fun day she kept one of her cardboard chairs which she still uses in her bedroom!

  40. Louise says

    I’m a childminder – this prize would be great for us! I asked my 4 year old mindee what he would make..
    He said ” a rocket. A great big fat one.” so now you know!

  41. Allan Smith says

    I’m not sure, I’ll have to ask my cat because she seems to find 100 different used for a cardboard box.

  42. Paula Phillips says

    My son recently used a cardboard box to make a working sweet dispensing machine where you had to put 10p in and would get a sweet out in return.
    It was really well made with lots of slots and shoots inside.

  43. evonne hodgson says

    My 2 Kids (6 & 8yrs) have been playing with a box each for 4 days. They have had them side by side with a cushion in and played on their DS. The have put blankets over the top and had a den. One has been a car and one a plane. Sure much more fun to come!!

  44. Elizabeth Lemin says

    My two boys love cardboard boxes, our latest one they turned into an ice cream van, complete with pictures and prices on the outside (only £3 for a 99 with juice-talk about inflation!!)and a window for the driver, and another to sell the ice creams!

  45. Faye Lester says

    An advent calendar ready for christmas!!! A little like lucky dip, filled with polystyrene (like lots of snow!!) Its a great idea and the kids get a little treat each day. Decorated however the kids want as long as it’s christmassy!! A bit different to the normal chocolate calendar on the wall. Christmas eve we then have a snow ball fight with all the polystyrene!! GREAT FUN and the kids look forward to it the most!

  46. maria hamby says

    i would help the children to make a pretend tv where they can put there heads through and pretend they are reading the news or doing a documentary. they would get to be on the telly!

  47. angela sandhu says

    I would make it into a castle and get some old clothes to make curtains etc and make it look really pretty!

  48. Caroline H says

    A cardboard box that turned into a tractor that turned into a fire engine that turned into a boat that turned into a digger that turned into an aeroplane would go down well in this house!

  49. April says

    My daughter (4) says, “a baby in her cradle.” My son (6) says, “a lorry!” :)

  50. Ann says

    I work at an Out of School Club the children love to make things they can climb in, they put cushions into big boxes, climb in and close the lid, enjoying hours of fun.

  51. Linda Osborne says

    A Postman Pat van, I have made this before for a fancy dress competition, cardboard wheels painted windows carboard window wipers painted silver and a hole so the childs head pokes through.

  52. Karen Lloyd says

    We like to make boats out of cardboard boxes so we can go for a boat trip.

  53. Kate Rampersad says

    I would attempts to make a ship, even better the Noah’s Arc :) I wonder what would come out of it, maybe a cardboard monkey?

  54. Christina Howard says

    The last thing I made out of a cardboard box was the boat from the book Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. We pretended to be Max and sailed in and out of weeks to where the wild things are. Lots of fun and red paint!

  55. says

    What wouldn’t we make?? I’m thinking massive castle, turrets, definitely some windows for shooting bows and arrows, next probably a pirate ship then a den, then a car, then a spaceship, then a shop, then a hospital, then we’d probably start all over again!

  56. Jodie Cantello says

    Give it to your children and let their imaginations run wild! Best thing ever to watch x

  57. Cara Killey says

    * Anything * Imagination is the key * I would leave that up to one of my angels *
    the possibilities are endless * every child has limitless ideas for fun *

  58. jules jones says

    Use it for part of a humpty-dumpty costume for my 3 year old son’s school christmas play!

  59. edur says

    we love makedo! the last thing we did was a car, a house and a monster.
    the best is that first you do something but then it develops into another, an another …. you get inspired!
    Thank you!

  60. kelly harper says

    A Tv lol. We Cut it up and drew buttons then acted a play with dolls to members of the family

  61. Christine Mutter says

    MAke a pretend tv – got to be better then watching the rubbish thats on now

  62. says

    Wow what a choice! With a mum who makes jewellery my girls would make a mini jewellers workshop complete with gallery, or use their Dads skills and make a recording studio. I think a mic set up in it would capture some great sounds of them playing. Endless hours of fun.

  63. Zoe Campbell says

    The very best thing about a cardboard box is that it can be anything you want it to be. My 2 year old uses his a car, a zoo cage, an oven and even a bed. Imagination is a wonderful thing!

  64. abigail edkins says

    When we get out all the boxes we save we make robots and trucks ( 2 boys )

  65. Kelly Rendall says

    The best thing to do with a cardboard box is give it to my 2 children Charlie (9) and Amy (6) – no matter what size the box is they get hours of fun with the box – their imagination know no limits, they like to shut each other in the box just for fun to pretend they are posting each other away somewhere – other times they will get blankets and cushions and make a base – sometimes Charlie likes to encourage the cat to go and sleep in a box turned on it’s side with a blanket inside.
    Amy likes to hide in the box and jump out when daddy comes home from work.
    Eventually the box gets bent and squashed with so much play and imagination so eventually it needs to go to our cardboard pile for recycling

  66. Julie Wynne says

    I’ve literally just spent the afternoon with my 1 and 1/2 year old daughter converting a large cardboard box into a house! Lots of fun!

  67. Elizabeth Lees says

    Turn it in to the Tardis then the whole world and universe would be open to me

  68. Sarah Martin says

    My son would love it made into a horse so he can pretend to ride it, it would be called Bruce

  69. Hannah says

    I would make a dark cave perfect for telling spooky stories by torchlight! It would have to be a big box though so I could join in the fun too!

  70. Sue says

    One of the best things we made was a cardboard box coffin containing a glow in the dark skeleton for Halloween. If I had a large box today though the kids would choose to make it into a fire engine

  71. Nicola says

    My kids said a digger and a tractor until they saw the Tube Train and now that’s all they want!

  72. Phil Good says

    The best thing we would do with a cardboard box is to make a beautiful green dragon which you could hide under and which would protect us.

  73. Michael Ford says

    “Use the force Luke!” Cardboard x-wing and death star run!!!!!

  74. Kate says

    The best thing yet we’ve made from cardboard is a house from the giant box the new carseat came in, although making it wasn’t the best part, decorating it was, we filled several small plant spray bottles with slightly watered down paint, took the box outside and my 3 year old blasted away. The paint made fabulous drip streaks and patterns down the side of the box. Some of the plants still have some coloured patches (that I thought would come off in the rain) but never mind! Definitely don’t stop at just building your constructions decorate too.

    The thing we would most love to make, with cardboard boxes, umbrellas and many empty cotton reels (and lots of other people and lots of space) would be a life size home-made dragon from the Norman Hunter book “The Home-made Dragon and other incredible stories”.

  75. steve says

    i made a litle shop for my daughter including shelfs etc .alot of work but worthwhile

  76. Jenny says

    Make five holes for your head, arms and legs, and make a tortoise shell of out it! Decorating the inside to whatever you think a tortoise would have in his home, and the outside to look like a tortoise shell!

  77. alison c says

    when we were little me and my brother used to make spaceships – we used to paint them and everything !! now theres a nephew :) he likes playing with boxes to ! the boxes always hold more fun that whts in them :)

  78. Gemma Clark says

    we would have to make a castle, and paint it pink of course so its fit for a princess, with a big pull down door on a makeshift chain :)

  79. Sarah Redfern says

    We made a sensory play den, made it all dark inside stuck in a disco lamp and the little ones loved it, especially all the little cardboard shapes that we also cut out to touch and feel. x

  80. Jennifer Kelly says

    We would make a magical bus. It would take us anywhere in the world we want. We’d have books & disco lights inside & lots & lots of food.

  81. Stephanie Morris says

    You can make a santa’s sleigh with reindeer, and of course santa himself.

  82. Annamarie Riddiford says

    I would make a little home for a hedgehog to live in and put it in the garden so that the hedgehogs had somewhere safe and warm to sleep over winter.

  83. Lesley Bain says

    My 8 year old daughter and I made a castle from a huge box we had. We made a turret and a drawbridge, and painted it all :)
    It looked gorgeous and my daughter and toddler granddaughter had many hours of fun playing princesses :)

  84. says

    We’d make a train, every carriage would have a different use, there would be the farmers carriage(all the farmyard stuffed toys, the builders carriage(all our wooden blocks) and not forgetting the dining carriage(some yummy chocolate biscuits and orange squash).

    And because its nearly Christmas and we need to have a clear out before Santa comes, we’d have 2 empty carriages as well, one for all our clothes that no longer fit and another for toys we don’t play with any more. Mummy will donate these to people who need them and hopefully make there Christmas special like mine.

  85. Catherine Miller says

    Turn it into a boathouse that doubles up as a space rocket!

  86. Claire says

    If it is a small box, we turn it into a house for one of their toys to live in, making the furniture and decorations too. But if it is a big box, then the children want to get in instead

  87. caroline james says

    At this time of year we would make a sleigh to pull our imaginary reindeers.

  88. Jo says

    We are going to paint a cardboard box this green this weekend and leave it by our front door as a recycling box. With all the extra envelopes and catalogues we receive at this time of year it should fill in no time!

  89. Lindsey philpot says

    My kids like getting in them and making a boat, simple but hours of fun xx