How to make an easy owl mask

At the Just So Festival we took part in a Wild Rumpus parade, joining the {winning!} owl tribe. The girls loved making their costumes and dressing up with a whole group of other owls, big and small, so much that I thought I’d share how we made our easy owl masks. Watch out for some more owl crafts over the next few days too – wings and bunting are on the way!

How to make an easy owl mask / owl costume. Beautiful but easy to make!How to make an easy owl mask

We love crafts that are simple enough for the children to make independently, use re-cycled materials as much as possible, and include plenty of creativity, so each child can make their own mark on the design. These masks hit all three of these requirements – here’s how to make them.

owl maskWe used some packaging from an Amazon delivery as the basis of our mask. It had corrugated card on one side, giving strength and a touch of flexibility to the masks, but pretty much any card would be suitable.

owl costume

We drew out a very simple shape: two eyes (tracing round a mug gave us just the right size), a triangle for a beak, and rectangles at the side to start the headband. Then we cut them out with scissors, including some eye holes.

owl craft

We had a huge bag of feathers to decorate them (which we got from an eBay supplier).

how to make an owl mask

We used double sided sticky tape across the mask to give us a really easy surface to stick the feathers too. This allowed us to place and re-position the feathers to get a design we liked.

how to make an owl costume

You can trim the feather to size and go with any combination of colours you like.

owl mask tutorial


For extra security, you might like to staple the feathers in place. And another layer of double-sided sticky tape on top lets you add further layers of feathers. Then we simply added on a long rectangle of the card around the back to complete the headband, held in place with staples. Easy!

easy owl mask

And of course you can make any design of owl you like, whether you want to go for fabulous colours…

how to make an easy owl mask

or make a more natural looking mask.

More owl crafts for kids

Coming this week: watch out for how to make owl wings and some lovely owl bunting. Plus a round-up of all sorts of owl crafts.

And you can see more of our posts about the Just So Festival here.

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