Make a dinosaur land

junk model dinosaur

How to make a junk model dinosaur world by our resident paleontologist Miss B.

I love it when B heads off with the making box and reappears an hour later with a creation. This week she made a dinosaur land, with lots of added details I would never have thought of – but then she is the chief dinosaur keeper round here. If you’ve got any dinos living in your house in need of a new enclosure, you might like to include some of B’s tips for making your dinosaur happy.

make a dinosaur land

The first tip from our dino ranger is to make your enclosure nice and big with lots of interesting features for your pets to explore.

dinosaur land

Include lots of vegetation for your dinosaurs to snack on.

playing with dinosaurs

Add a feeding panel which you can open from the outside with a handle – so you can feed your dinosaurs without becoming a meal yourself.

playing dinosaurs

A viewing panel lets you observe your dinosaurs to check they are happy and healthy.

dinosaur play

Have you got a big cardboard box you could make something with this week?

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