Kids art projects :: painting landscapes

Here’s a kids’ art project inspired by our recent trip to the beach :: have you ever tried painting landscapes?

Great kids art project : painting landscapes Kids art projects :: painting landscapes

My youngest daughter is very interested at the moment about what ‘famous artists’ do. {Do they draw pictures as their job? Can anyone have their art shown in a museum? } We’ve recently been to see Constellations at Tate Liverpool and she was taken with the idea of Andre Cadere sneaking his own art into exhibitions of others’ work, which I think has sparked ideas!  So, now we’re back from a week of being inspired by a most gorgeous beach we thought we’d have a try at some ‘famous painting’ ourselves.

landscape painting

Step one in her being a famous artist is to paint on canvas – in our case, sections of fabric from an old tablecloth.

kids painting landscapes

Step two is to plan out a frame work for your design.

painting landscapesStep three is to mix colours and add excitement to your painting.

painting landscapesTo create a landscape painting that combines the three main elements of where you’ve been playing for the last week: sand, sea and rock pools.

kids painting

My older daughter also tried her hand at a landscape painting, carefully mixing colours to match the pebbles from our beach.

kids painting

Visual thinkers like my daughter tend to have a very clear idea in their mind of how they want their art to turn out, so a ‘trial sheet’ is really helpful, as she can test things out as a practice before committing to an idea on the main painting – resulting in less disappointments and freeing her from the grip of perfectionism.

kids landscape paintingShe really enjoyed using different techniques to apply her paint, including using the circular, flat, ‘wrong’ end of  her brush to stamp on all the pebbles.

kids landscape painting

A length of drift wood at the top would be a great way to hang her painting, don’t you think? We’ll have to see what we can find.

What I’m hoping both my children are learning is that anyone can enjoy painting – famous artist or not. And that different interpretations, by different people, of different ages, and with different levels of experience, all make for art that’s worthy of being appreciated and celebrated.

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    Your daughter’s painting is wonderful! There are such wonderful tips here – love the use of an old tablecloth for canvas and the idea of a trial sheet. Thank you so much for including our “Taking Art Outdoors” post. Can’t tell you how excited I was to see the pingback. Thank you!

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