Kids art :: cut, stick, draw challenge

For a fun kids art idea that gets your imagination firing, take the Cut :: Stick :: Draw challenge!

kids art challenge 1

Cut :: stick :: draw :: kids art challenge

This kids’ art idea takes a pile of left-over magazines and catalogues and invites children to see what their imaginations can create with them.

kids art

We started by going on a scavenger hunt through the magazines to see what treasures we could find inside. When we found a picture that caught our eye we cut it out… (great scissor practice for little fingers!)

kids art ideas

And then stuck it down onto some plain paper. The challenge was to see what pictures we could create around our magazine cutting. What ideas did the image give us? What background or extras could we add to transform our snipped-out picture into something else?

childrens artThe butterfly got a garden….

childrens artThe Ikea rug became a work of art in a gallery, with fancy chairs for the visitors to sit in while they contemplated the masterpiece.

kids drawing ideas

The glasses found the face they belonged to…

kids art

 and the bride got her dress, a groom and a sprinkling of lovely wedding gifts!

This was a quickly put together idea for a rainy day but I love the idea of preparing an extra set of these cards, ready for a drawing game. A set of them on the kitchen table would make a great mealtime activity-  the children could grab a picture card and add their illustrations while they’re waiting for their meal to be served.

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  1. says

    These are really creative. I have found in the past when I give kids magazines to cut out of, they are too busy concentrating on the pictures and it seems to not allow their creativity to blossom, but your kids did pretty well

  2. Jen says

    What a fabulous idea…of course I’m not about to let my kids cut up my IKEA catalogue 😉 What a creative way to spark their imaginations.

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