Fizzy dinosaur tracks and baking bread

kids activities

Hello again! I missed you last Sunday as we were enjoying a Scree-Free Week (did you see our 100 ideas?) Glad to be back and bringing you some super fun ideas again – check out the fizzy dino tracks!

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Monday’s child is…

going camping

Air drying clay models

Tuesday’s child is…

welcoming a new baby, with some special new-born art

art for babies

Wednesday’s child is…

making imaginary lands

cardboard box play

 Thursday’s child is…

weaving with ribbons (thanks Brick by Brick)

 Friday’s child is…

making fizzy dino tracks (thanks Stacy at Quirky Momma)

  Saturday’s child is…

blowing bubbles – and making art

 Sunday’s child is…

baking bread (over at Quirky Momma)

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