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Monday’s child is…

sunshine weaving
Beautiful sun weaving - perfect solstice craft for kids!

Tuesday’s child is…

learning outdoors
Great ideas for taking reading and writing outdoors for some fun summer learning.

Wednesday’s child is…

playing in a sunshine sensory tub
Love this for midsummer messy play : a sunshine sensory tub. Fun to make for the solstice!

Thursday’s child is…

cracking a secret math code (over at No Time for Flash Cards)
math-activity-for-kids- (1)

Friday’s child is…

making sunny play dough
sunshine play dough recipe

Saturday’s child is…

exploring a DIY baby sensory book
baby sensory play

Sunday’s child is…

making *the* classic kids craft!
classic kids crafts 2

P.S. My Homemade Play Dough Recipe Book will be available on 8 July!

 homemade play dough recipe 8 july


  1. Georgina @ Craftulate says

    Hi! I’m new to your site and am very eagerly awaiting your play dough book as it is ALL my son wants to do these days! I am seriously in need of some new ideas!

    • says

      Oh he has great taste Georgina – play dough is the best! There’s a whole year’s worth of ideas in the book, covering all sorts of play, so I hope he likes it!

  2. becky wilkinson says

    Just thought i would say Hello and wow i needed this! I used to be a nursery nurse, until last year when i fell pregnant almost immediately after having my son (3 children, 8y.o, 24m.o and a 12m.o) So i should have all these ideas ready and waiting but I dont, at home I suppose its like writers block my mind and ideas are gone! I want to start introducing more fun play to learn at home and this website is just amazing! Great ideas cant wait to recieve the weekly email and give my kids a world of oppurtunities. Many thanks Becky xxx

    • says

      Hello becky! It’s so lovely to hear from you. I loved your version of the sensory tub on Instagram. Everyone needs a little inspiration boost from time to time, don’t they? I hope you enjoy the ideas in the Play Planner. And hope you’ll share some more photos with us. Cathy :)

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