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Hi everyone! Hope you have all been enjoying a wonderful summer. Don’t tell me off for including an autumn item in this week’s Play Planner! I know lots of you are planning ahead, so I hope you find it helpful.

Oh and watch out for a special announcement in next week’s Play Planner. I have a ‘Back to School’ bonus for you!

Cathy x

Monday’s child is…

playing the Paper Plate Name Game

A fun kids activity to help children learn to read and spell their name: play the paper plate name game!

Tuesday’s child is…

crafting three blind mice, for stories and songs
pom pom craft for kids

Wednesday’s child is…

writing and drawing in their journal (try these great idea prompts from Picklebums)

Thursday’s child is…

playing and creating with rocks (a lovely idea over at My Nearest and Dearest)

Friday’s child is…

learning all about colours (over at BabyCentre)
color activities for babies and toddlers

Saturday’s child is…

having a bunch of fun with play dough

Sunday’s child is…

getting ready for lots of fall fun!
fall kids activities

 homemade play dough recipe


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