Join the Kids Co-op: play ideas from around the world

Thank you to all of you who shared play ideas with the Kids Co-op last week. Three ideas from last week’s Kids Co-op that you don’t want to miss are:

1. Putti Prapancha‘s super messy indoor fun.

2. 52 Brand New‘s super messy outdoor fun.

3. And My Little Happies fun ideas to bring a bear hunt to life.

What have you been playing this week?

You can join the Kids Co-op in two ways:

:: add a link to your play-based post here and have it shared on all the other blogs who are hosting. Please share a link to this post on your blog, facebook or twitter and invite your readers to join in with the idea swap.

:: become a Kids Co-op host yourself. We would like to grow and grow the link-up as a collaboration of child-focused bloggers. If you’d like to run the Kids Co-op link up along with us and feature it on your blog each week, get in touch and join the gang.

***Stop Press: we have a new facebook page: come and like the Kids Co-op and see the gallery of Kids Co-op hosts***

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