Join the Carnival of Get Active! Play


Welcome to the Carnival of Get Active! Play

This week’s Play Academy link-up is all about Active Play. Please share an idea for any kind of  active play – a new post or one from your archive.

Running, jumping, dancing, hiking, yoga, climbing, inside or outside – what  active play do your kids enjoy? Help us build a fantastic store of  active play ideas we can use whenever we need a new idea.

1. Please link to your actual post, not your homepage.

2. Please add a text link from your page through to this carnival, to invite others to come and share the ideas.

3. Go and visit some of the other blogs listed and say hi.

4. Grab an idea and go play!

5. Don’t forget to come back next Friday to join in with our regular ‘anything goes’ link-up.


Come and take a look at my new e-book The Garden Classroom with has ideas for outdoor play, art, craft, math, science and more.



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