Imperial Leather’s SkinKind and Cybermummy

The Highlight of the Week for me is being able to introduce you to Imperial Leather’s SkinKind, who are sponsoring NurtureStore to attend the upcoming Cybermummy conference in London.  SkinKind is the new bath and shower product from Imperial Leather, available in three different products: Hydrate, Restore and Refresh. It’s made from allergen-free ingredients and it’s suitable for use by all the family – which makes the weekly shop a lot easier!

The Cybermummy conference is a place for bloggers to meet, learn and grow our sites, and I’m delighted SkinKind is providing the opportunity for me to attend. I’m really looking forward to meeting those of you who will also be there and using what I learn to keep improving NurtureStore. If you are attending the conference, please come and say hello – and don’t forget to ask me for some SkinKind to try for yourself.

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