Oil pastel painting

oil pastels how to use After our experiment with cotton bud pointillism we decided this week we’d explore how to use oil pastels. The children had never used oil pastels before so the first thing they noticed was how the texture of the crayons was different to wax crayons: ‘thick’ and ‘smooth’. oil pastels how to use pictures

With a whole box of colours to try a rainbow was a good place to start.

oil pastels how to use with children I suggested they could try rubbing the colours using their fingers – messy fun! They thought this made the colours ‘blurry’ – good for under the sea pictures. oil pastels and colour blending I gave them the idea that they could blend the colours and they spent some time seeing what combinations they could put together. oil pastel techniques how to use With these suggestions for techniques to try they kept experimenting to see what patterns they could make. oil pastels Kandinsky inspired art And as they were interested in looking at Seurat’s pictures last time, I showed them Kandinski’s Farbstudie Quadrate – and we had a try at our own version. We used small pieces of paper so everyone could do lots of different versions and see which colour combinations they liked the best. The texture of the oil pastels worked perfectly for this design as the colours blended together so well. oil pastels how to use Kandinsky Our own Colour Study is now looking beautiful hanging in the window with some sunshine streaming through.

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