How to make an origami dog

How to make an origami dog

1. Take a square of paper, any size you like – a piece of your child’s art is especially good to use as your dog will be unique

2. Follow this guide to fold it (or this one which is animated)

3. Add some googly eyes using craft glue and a nose using a felt pen

4. Make your dog happy by adding a smile.

5. Think of a name for your pet while the glue dries, then he’s ready to play

We made these dogs at creche today with sixteen 2- and 3-year-olds. They loved them! We counted out the eyes and they had a go with the pen adding the nose and mouth. There was a lot of woofing too!

The folding was a bit too tricky for the toddlers, but my two girls (4 and 8 ) found the instructions easy to follow. Using the children’s own art work to make the origami dog and letting them add the face still gives the younger children plenty of things they can manage all by themselves. I’m thinking we could use an egg box to make the dog a body, with this face at one end and a tail at the other to create a junk model dog for even more play – what do you think?

A big thanks to my colleague Lesley for the idea and to the lovely toddlers for sharing their origami dog creations.

how to make an origami dog

happily shared with craft schooling Sunday and  Saturday’s artist and the resource centre teach mama and  for the kids Friday and it’s playtime upcycled awesome and  we play

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