How to make a toy boat

how to make a toy boat ship
The sun is shining, the paddling pool is ready and we have a group of children, with a mix of ages, all with their own idea of how to make a toy boat.

how to make a toy boat junk model
The materials we had on offer included tinfoil pie dishes, plastic bowls, drinking straws and the contents of our making box.

how to make a toy boat
The basic principle we used to make our masts was to use sticky tape to fasten a bendy drinking straw to the inside base of each vessel – then each child came up with their own design of how they wanted to make a toy boat.

how to make a toy boat sails
Some used a hole punch and wrapping paper to create a sail.

how to make a toy boat with a dinghy
One added a dingy to follow behind their boat.

how to make a toy boat with tin foil
One used tinfoil to create a life boat.

how to make a toy boat pirate ship
One added rigging and a crow’s nest.

how to make a toy boat with masts
One made a galleon with three masts (and a little blutac to balance the ship).

how to make a toy boat sail
All the toy boats were different and all proved sea worthy.

how to make a toy boat go racing
Some were great at racing.

how to make a toy boat flotilla
And together our toy boats made a fine flotilla for play on a sunny day.

This was a great activity for a hot day as the building took place inside in the shade and then we went outside to go sailing once the mid-day heat had passed. Everyone joined in a group activity and all the boat’s turned out to be so different – bring each child’s ideas to life.

How to make a toy boat? Take junk, add imagination, and set sail!



  1. says

    What a wonderful assortment of toy boats! Super cool way to beat the heat and then enjoy some outdoor play.
    It’s heart warming indeed to see a group of mixed age kids playing, learning and growing together.

  2. says

    How great they turned out!There were a few rainy days over here so we have manny puddles and the other day Hana and I made our boat and sail it in the back yard.So much fun on the rainy day!

  3. Kandi Wilkes Wilson says

    These boats are the coolest ideas ever my kids will enjoy making them with me and there dad so thank you for making this that way we can come together and enjoy each others company.

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