Halloween party game

Halloween Memory Game

halloween memory game

This is a good game to play at a Halloween party, espcially if you need a little sitting down time amidst all the monster giddiness!

You need to make a set of Halloween playing cards: two copies of each picture. You can use printed clipart pictures, photos from previous Halloweens or you could draw your own. Include a selction of witches, ghosts, bats, pumpkins, broomsticks, cauldrons, monsters…

Cut out the pictures and glue them onto pieces of card – to keep a Halloween theme you could use orange card and even cut them into pumpkin shapes.

To play: place all the cards face down. In turn, each player turn over two cards. If they match, they keep them. Keep playing until all the pairs are matched up. Whoever has the most pairs is the winner.

This is a great game for developing memory as it challenges you to remember where the matching cards are. It also help children learn to take turns and play fair – and teaches that you can’t always be the winner but you can have fun taking party.

We have lots more Halloween ideas on the way!

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