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Spring is blooming in our garden and we are busy, busy, busy starting vegetable seeds.  Here are some important garden activities for May that you can enjoy with your children.

Great tips and garden activities for May with ideas for gardening with kids

Garden Activities for May

#1 What to plant in May

For us in the UK, now is the time to sow: squash, and direct sow nasturtium and cornflowers.

You can also still sow the plants from last month: summer squash, sweetcorn, Florence fennel, lettuce, courgette, broccoli, celery, runner beans, beetroot, French beans, cabbage, pumpkin, basil, sunflowers, cucumber, peas, sunflowers

On warm days you can open greenhouse doors and windows, but do still watch out for frosts, and don’t plant out tender plants just yet as you may lose them when you’ve only just begun.

outdoor play May

#2 Keep weeding

Keep weeding, and apply a layer of compost /mulch over the top of areas that you have cleared of weeds. This will help to stop weeds re-growing and give the soil a good feed, in preparation for when your seedlings are ready to plant out into this soil.

garden mulch in may

#3 Gather your own water

If you haven’t already got a water butt set up to catch rainwater, now is a good time to get one, so you will have an eco-friendly source of water for your plants when they need an extra drink in the coming warmer weather.

#4 Make a compost heap

You can also think about adding that garden essential: a compost heap. You can buy a compost tub, or make your own, or try a DIY wormery.

how to make a wormery

#5 What to harvest in May

The first new potatoes should be ready this month, along with salad and lettuce, spring onions, first peas, radish, and wild nettles which you can use to make nettle soup or nettle pesto.

#6 Play outdoors

Now the weather is getting better, make the most of it by enjoying more time playing outdoors. My girls have re-discovered the fun of our mud pie kitchen and have been cooking up lots of garden soup.

You could also try this outdoor colour matching game.

Great ideas for learning about colors. Love outdoor learning ideas for kids!

#7 Make some garden art

Take inspiration from all the flowers bursting into bloom, and try some garden-inspired art. You could gather some natural materials and make some spring blossom trees, try making some nature mandalas, or use this DIY clay recipe to make some butterflies.

Spring blossom printing : a lovely spring craft for kids

#8 Take your literacy outdoors

Now is a good time to start a garden journal with your children, so you can chart your progress all through the growing year. Or you might take inspiration from the creatures in your garden and try creative writing with some word birds.

creative writing ideas

More garden activities for children

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