Frozen sensory tub

Inspired by the film we’re all crazy about, and packed with lots of sensory play and a dash of maths, here’s a frozen sensory tub that’s been a big hit with my daughter.

Frozen sensory tub - plus extra frozen activities

Frozen sensory tub

We started the frozen sensory tub the night before, by filling an ice cube tray with blue and silver glitter…

ice sensory tub

topping it with plain and blue water (using food colouring), and popping it in the freezer.

frozen ice activity

The next day we filled a big plastic tub with blue (food-)coloured water, plastic ice gems and our frozen snowflakes from the freezer.

frozen sensory play activity

You can easily add a dash maths by including some pots and spoons in a variety of sizes. Without needing to teach, children can explore and discover concepts around size, volume, ratio, counting and measuring, simply by playing with filling and emptying as they enjoy their sensory tub.

frozen math activity

The frozen ice snowflakes turned out to be beautiful. As they melt the glitter is released and the water in the sensory tub gets some extra sparkle.

Frozen party play activity

I set the frozen sensory tub out on a towel on the floor. If your children are likely to want to do lots of splashing you might prefer to set this up outdoors, in a paddling pool, or in the bathtub.

Frozen sensory play tub

My daughter had the Frozen film running in the background as she enjoyed her sensory tub – and she sang along as she played.

Frozen activities for kids

More Frozen activities for kids

For more Frozen play ideas you could:

frozen ideas for kids

make your own ice palace

snowflake water paint wax crayon

paint some frosty art

ice skating winter imaginary playmake a frozen play scene


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      • Bernadine says

        Thank you! When I asked that question I thought the gems would be my biggest problem but I haven’t been able to find those pretty ice star trays you used anywhere. Well I tried Lakeland, Hobbycraft and Amazon so far. Did you get your ice tray from the pound shop too? I love this Frozen activity and can’t wait to try it!

        • says

          Hello again! The ice trays were from Ikea, but really any tray would do. It’s the glitter in the boton that makes it special! Hope you have fun playing.

          • Bernadine says

            Ah Ikea! Great, thanks. You’re right, it’s the glitter that makes all the difference but I do love an excuse to go to Ikea :-) We’ve already had a great time with the Frozen Play-dough activity you linked to and I’m looking forward to presenting this one before the summer weather disappears.

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