Make a four seasons calendar

Gorgeous four seasons calendar kids can make for a New Year craft
Start the year as you mean to go on and have some creative fun making a four seasons calendar. It’s a great way to try out four completely different art techniques with your children and welcome in the new year.

I’m claiming no credit for this idea at all, as L made it at school and brought it home as a Christmas gift for the family, but I thought I’d share as I think it’s beautiful and she is really pleased with it.

How to make a four seasons calendar

L’s calendar is made from four pictures depicting the seasons, each using a different art technique. To make the calendar you will need four rectangles of card and one lard piece of card to be the frame. I hope L’s pictures will give some ideas but I’d suggest you chat with your child and decide what they think would make a great picture for each season, and then see how they would like to create their calendar.

I find with my kids that sometimes they have an idea straight away that they want to put into action and sometimes it’s a rummage through our craft supplies and the discovery of a new material that sparks an idea. And remember that all sorts of things can be art materials, not just paint and crayons – cotton wool, sweet wrappers, left over wrapping paper and drinking straws have been favourites for us this week.
four seasons calendar
Here’s L’s winter icon: a snowman made using white chalk on a blue background, with added embellishments in pencil crayon.
four seasons calendar
Here’s spring: little fingerprint chicks with faces and legs added in felt pen.
four seasons calendar
Here’s summer: a glorious sun, made from a tissue paper and gold foil collage.
four seasons calendar
Here’s autumn: a simple left drawn in pencil and wax crayon.

four seasons calendar kids can make

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Four techniques used to draw four seasons. The pictures have been glued to the large card frame and laminated, but that’s optional rather than necessary. Two holes punched in the top and a ribbon added and your four seasons calendar art gallery is ready.


  1. says

    This is great! We just started talking about the Four Seasons today by reading Bill Martin Jr.’s The Turning of the Year.

  2. cheryl says

    loved the pix and made me think of something somewhat related. My son has a framed photo of a tree in the Washington D. C. area, photographed in all 4 seasons! It’s incredible and really, couldn’t we all find something intriguing and do the same thing?!!

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