Firework craft: fill the sky with glitter

bonfire night firework craft

The essential ingredient for any firework craft is glitter, right? For the simplest Bonfire Night craft idea take some black paper, add glue and glitter and invite your children to create their own firework display. We used chalk to draw in our people, adding an extra medium for the kids to try out. You could give each child their own piece of paper, or go big and have each child contribute a few fireworks to one huge picture.

For more firework craft ideas

Make some edible sparklers

Make some homemade firework Catherine Wheels

Try a firework art idea using straws

happily shared with it’s playtime


  1. says

    Ooh that’s so pretty. I love glitter! How about adding it to the Mini-Masterpiecess November Linky, which has just gone live?

  2. says

    That fills me with nostalgia for the kind of things I used to make at Christmas time – I loved when the glitter came out! Must remember to do more of it. Going to check out edible fireworks now!! Can’t imagine!

  3. Little Timbers Family childcare says

    Thankyou for shareing! this came in very handy as alot of children at the center had been talking about the fireworks they had seen trick or treating halloween night ! I think i’ll add a snap painting twist to it and realy get messy but i do love the glitter!great activities for expanding thier intrests.

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