Exploring maths and art :: a new series from NurtureStore

Welcome to a new series on NurtureStore where we’re going to be exploring maths and art, learning more about each by learning about them together. Today we’re all about circles.

Exploring circles {and a special maths and art series from NurtureStore)

Maths and art: circles art

The idea for this maths and art series is inspired by my elder daughter, who is the total visual-spacial-making-creative of the NurtureStore family. She’s so uninspired by all the adding and subtracting and multiplying and (please save her!) dividing. The girl needs some art! Some colour! Some creativity with her maths!

So here, to start our series, is a very simple invitation to focus in on just one shape, explore it’s properties and see what you can make with it.

circle art

We set out some coloured pieces of paper, some of our Spielgaben wooden rings and some chalk. This kind of maths has no rules, it’s about playing with the shapes.

What would you make with them?

You might:

hold the wooden shapes and explore the feel of them in your hands

stack them up and make a tower

find circles of different sizes and compare and contrast their differences

make a picture with them

build them into a sculpture

learning about circles art

use the chalk to draw around the circles, to draw inside them, to colour them in

overlap your circles and think about how the lines cross and create new shapes and segments

think about how if feels to contain your art within a circle

you might try to think of as many ways as you can to fill each circle in

you might do some of these things, you might do all of these things, you might do something else entirely (come here and tell us what you did!)


But one thing I do know is that, even if you’re not aware of it, this is a maths lesson. By playing and creating with these circles, your hands, and your eyes, and your brain know more about the properties of circles now than they did before you tried some maths and art. And you can take this knowledge forward with you, into more formal maths lessons, and more creative art projects, and explore them even more.

Exploring maths and art: a special series from NurtureStore

Add some Fizz, Pop, Bang to your learning!

Take a look at our resources for creative science and math activities.

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  1. Pauline Turbitt says

    Thank you for your circles idea i will definitely being trying this during my lesson. I absolutely love Maths and Art together as a lesson; in my nurturing class we often do shape/art in a creative form. As its coming up to Christmas i thought you might be interested to know that last year and intend to repeat this year because the children loved it so much. We studied David Hockney recreating his drawing and pictures in vibrant colours and then created a Nativity Style picture using triangles, squares, rectangles and half circles continuing the theme of using vibrant colours, then turned them into a calendar. The parents thought theses were wonderful to use all year round.

  2. says

    This is a lovely idea, and so much potential. Have you seen the I Spy in Art series? They do a shapes and a numbers version – using famous paintings.

  3. Michelle Hanna says

    I love to combine the 2 for fresh new ideas. We are doing Kandinsky’s circles..and adding in squares, rectangles, and triangles using the same painting techniques! Why not “kill 2 birds with one stone” and have lots of fun doing it…..learning should be cross curricular!!

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