Encouraging writing

A great way to get children writing is to send a postcard – to a friend, to grandma, even to themselves. We found this homemade postcard on the way home from school today and as you can see someone has spent a lot of time and effort designing the front and using joined up handwriting for their message. It was lying on the pavement but the address is on it and it’s on our way to school so we’re going to deliver it tomorrow morning.


Even young children can take part in sending a postcard – drawing, ‘writing’, adding their name, sticking on the stamp, taking a trip to the post office. It helps them understand writing has a purpose. With older children having a penpal or starting a postcard collection can be a fun way to encourage reluctant writers to have a try.

Who could your children send a postcard too?

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  1. says

    That’s great – love that you are going to deliver it :). Postcards are fab for young kids as just about the right amount of writing before they get bored or distracted. We often use bits and pieces the kids have done at home and turn them into postcards to send to nana & pops.

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Great idea for re-purposing their works of art KidsTravel2 – and the postcard was safely delivered this morning :)

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