Edible sparklers: bonfire night food


A post just for UK readers today with some Bonfire Night food and craft ideas ready for the celebrations on Saturday. (Those of you outside the UK wondering what the heck Bonfire Night is can find out more here if you want all the historical and political background) or just know it involves warming round an enormous bonfire, eating sweet and spicy foods and watching a big firework display.

In the past L hasn’t enjoyed Bonfire Night – too many bangs from all the fireworks. So we’re sweetening the night this year with some chocolate treats: edible sparklers.
edible fireworks bonfire night recipe
They’re a super easy peasy Bonfire Night food:  dip a chocolate finger biscuit in some hot water (to just melt a little) then dunk them in a pot of sprinkles. Perfect!
edible sparklers bonfire night recipe


More Bonfire Night activities

catherine wheel
Our Catherine Wheel firework craft really does whizz – watch our video to see them in action!
Make your own firework art

Try Quirky Momma’s colour changing milk experiment to make fireworks on your plate

Sun Hats & Wellie Boot’s starry bopper headband looks like fireworks whizzing off your head!

Rainy Day Mum’s rocket craft makes a great firework too

And Ready for Ten have top tips on how to have a happy and safe Bonfire Night 

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