Super yummy, very easy Christmas biscuit recipe

This really is a super yummy, very easy Christmas biscuit recipe. We make several batches each year, as they’re great for decorating the tree, giving as gifts… and eating yourself!

A super quick, easy and delicious Spice Christmas biscuit/cookie recipe | NurtureStore :: inspiration for kids

Easy Christmas biscuit recipe

This is very much like a traditional gingerbread recipe, with a few extra spices. It’s a recipe children can make themselves, with some supervision. The quantities given will make around 30 small star biscuits.

Cooking is a wonderful sensory play experience, and really good for showing children how maths and science are applied in every day life. Here’s the recipe:

christmas biscuit recipeTake a very big pan and in it melt:

3oz / 85g of butter

2 tablespoons of golden syrup (honey or corn syrup could be a substitute, although you can’t beat the flavour of golden syrup!)

2oz / 60g of caster (fine) sugar (we use sugar that’s been scented with a vanilla pod)

Don’t let the ingredients boil, and as soon as they have all melted, turn off the heat under the pan.

spiced biscuit recipe

Then measure out:

7oz/ 200g of plain (all purpose) flour

2 teaspoons of ground ginger

2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon

and a grating of fresh nutmeg

easy gingerbread recipe

Add your dry ingredients to the pan of liquid ingredients and stir together. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda in 1 tablespoon of water, and add this in too. Stir everything together until it comes together to make a dough.

Christmas cookie recipeThe dough will be quite oily, which is good because it means you can roll it out, cut out some biscuits,  squish, roll out again and cut some more biscuits, without it drying out. But it does also mean it might get stuck to your table. Rather than coating the table with flour (and drying out your dough) use a piece of baking paper as a board to roll out your dough. The flexibility of the baking paper will make it much easier to lift the biscuits up too.

recipe for gingerbread

Stamp out your biscuit shapes until you’ve used up all the dough, and then place the biscuits onto baking paper on baking sheets. If you’re making decorations, remember to make a hole in each biscuit so you can thread your ribbon through.

Bake at Gas 5 / 190 /375  for around 8 minutes if you like your biscuits to be melt-in-your-mouth soft, and for a little longer is you want them crisper, especially if you’re using them as decorations to hang on the tree.

easy Christmas biscuit recipeWhen the biscuits are baked, sprinkle over some more sugar, for a little extra sweetness and a frosty look.

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    Just tried this recipe. We used a gingerbread man, stocking, moon, and heart cut outs. This is as close to a vegan gingerbread man recipe that I found that my mate (the vegan in the house) really liked.

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