Easter crispy nest cakes

These crispy nest cakes are a classic, no-cook cake. They’re perfect for Easter and perfect for little children to make.

Easter nest cakes recipe :: crispy cakes recipe :: Easter cakes

Easter crispy nest cakes

You will need: milk chocolate (we used 200g which made 30 mini nests), a breakfast cereal such as All Bran / bran flakes / cornflakes / rice crispies, chocolate mini eggs (we found some very cute ‘micro’ eggs), cake cases, a muffin tin, a wooden spoon, a big glass bowl, a saucepan, a teatowel and a teaspoon

crispy nest cakes

Step One: Break up the chocolate and put it in the bowl. You’ll get less messy kids if you leave the chocolate in the wrapper while your break it up.

easter cakes

Step Two: Grown-ups job. Put a little water in the saucepan and heat it gently. Sit the bowl on top and let the chocolate melt.

nest cakes recipe

Step Three: Take the bowl with the chocolate off the saucepan. If you sit it on a teatowel  it will help it to stay nice and still. Pour in your breakfast cereal. How much depends on how much chocolate you’ve used and how good at mixing you are!

easter nests

Step Four: Stir, stir, stir, stir….

krispy nest cakes recipe

Step Five:Put one case case in each muffin tin hole.  Using a teaspoon put some of the mixture into each cake case. If you make a little dent in the middle you’ll get a nice nest shape.

krispy cake recipe

Step Six: Count a few eggs into each nest. Now you have to be a little patient and leave them to set – in the fridge if it’s hard for you to wait!

easter nest cake recipe

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  1. says

    I made them at the preschool with the littleones yesterday, but we used schredded wheat to look like nests and also by adding a little golden syrup it gives you a little more time before things set

  2. says

    We are supposed to be making these today…. We were going to make them with shreddies but I think we’ll use rice crispies as they taste nicer apparently (according to my little girl anyway!)

  3. Nicola says

    I’ve made this with shreddies before (the large ones not the mini ones) and broken them up and ones they are covered in the chocolate I’ve always found you cant really taste any difference! And they look great

  4. says

    Kids will be so proud to share these. I can see kids here in my home town walking door to door to give these out to neighbors on Easter Sunday with a home-made “Happy Easter” card. I guarantee Grandma will love these!

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