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Eco-friendly bath and body products from Cariadon

15% off gorgeous bath and body products at Cariadon

The bath and body products over at Cariadon smell so gorgeous! They are a lovely new range launched this week by my friend Polly. I wanted to let you know about them because my family’s been using them all winter long and we love them – and Polly is offering you all a special launch offer: if you use code launchlove this week you’ll get 15% of everything in the store.

The products are all handmade using natural ingredients, and can be shipped worldwide. Cherry almond lotion bar, lavender and jasmine bath melts, cold busting bath salts – so good! Hop on through to take a look at all the goodies and use code launchlove to get your discount.

Kids activities all week long with NurtureStore’s Play planner

kids activities play ideas

Monday’s child is…

enjoying frozen activities and mkaing an ice palace
frozen ideas for kids

Tuesday’s child is…

painting on foil
Simple art ideas for kids :: painting on foil

Wednesday’s child is…

writing word birds
creative writing ideas 1

Thursday’s child is…

playing spring sorting games
spring sorting games for numbers, letters and words - easy to set up and lots of variations.

Friday’s child is…

reading with ease (see all the ideas at What Do We Do All Day?)

Saturday’s child is…

playing in spring sensory tubs (see all the variations at BabyCentre)

Sunday’s child is…

creating Easter crafts

cariadon advert landscape

Disclosure: this isn’t a sponsored post and I haven’t received any payment for it. Polly is a friend of mine and I have been delighted to try out a few free samples from her. I’ve loved them and thought you would too, so I’m happy to share Cariadon with you all. 


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    thanks for some great ideas Cathy! I love the sensory tub with carrots that looks great and im just about to head over to What we do all day and view your featured post, as its something that will come in handy as Jenson (almost 3) has just started recognising numbers and letters so time to work on that if we can.

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