DIY clay heart bunting

I’m joining in with the 20 Days of a kid-Made Christmas fiesta today and sharing an idea for some DIY clay heart decorations, which are so pretty for hanging on the Christmas tree or as some festive bunting. Here’s the DIY clay recipe and how to make the heart decorations.

Great DIY homemade clay recipe. Lovely for Christmas craftsDIY clay heart bunting

We’re making our heart decorations from a DIY glue dough recipe, which will air dry, rather than needing baking.

To make the air-drying clay/dough you will need one part PVA glue and two parts cornflour {UK name} / cornstarch {US name}. We used a one cup measure of glue and two cups cornflour.

glue dough recipeThen all you need to do is mix the two together ~ easy as that!

craft recipe how to make clayIn a matter of minutes you’ll go from this :: to this :: to this, and you’ll have a lovely, white moldable dough, similar in consistency to ready-roll icing/frosting. It’s a fun hands-on mix for kids to try.

diy clay recipe Then you can roll out the dough and use some cookie cutters to stamp out some shapes. We’re using hearts, but Christmas trees and snowflakes would be lovely too. And if you have a number 8 cookie cutter, you could use it as a snowman shape.

christmas heart decorationsYou can use a pencil or skewer to make holes in your hearts, so you’ll be able to add a ribbon and hang them up. Make one hole in the centre top if you want the kind of decoration you hang on a tree, or two holes either side of the top if you want to make bunting.

diy clay heart decorationsAnd you can use a dry paintbrush to sweep over the surface and remove any clay dough crumbs that you might have on the surface of your hearts. Then you can set your hearts on a flat surface {we used a baking tray lined with baking parchment} and leave them overnight to dry out.

heart decorations

Once they are dry the hardened clay dough is a wonderful surface to decorate, and it takes pencils and wax crayons really well. Or add some glitter glue for sparkles.

diy clay heart decorations

All the children (and adults!) in your family or class could make a heart to add to the set ~ each of them unique.

diy clay recipe heart buntingAdd a ribbon or some thread and you’re ready to hang up your decorations. Our heart garland is going in our kitchen to be some festive bunting across our window.

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