Everything dinosaur: games, crafts, songs and activities

Do you know someone who’s mad about dinosaurs? Taking a child’s passion and using it as a springboard into lots of play is a great way for them to learn.

Here’s a fiesta of all things dinosaur: dinosaur games, dinosaur crafts, art and models, dinosaur activities and even dinosaur songs. There’s lots of fun to be had while you work on important skills including maths, language, fine and gross motor, imaginary play and creativity.

Mix up a batch of our favourite salt dough recipe and make your own dinosaur models to keep for lots of play

Or use plaster of Paris to make your own fossils

Try some T-rex art and make a dinosaur stomp picture

Use pasta to make dinosaur skeleton

Transform a cardboard box into a dinosaur land

Make some eggs and watch your baby dinosaurs hatch
dinosaur games

Or take your dinos to play outdoors in a leafy dinosaur world 

Go on a playdough dinosaur dig and see what you can unearth

Or head outside and see if there are any dinosaurs in your garden

Read lots of dinosaur books. We’re Feather & Black Kids bedroom furniture testers and the recently sent us their new bedtime story book David the Dinosaur to read. The book was written by Feather & Black’s managing director Adam Black, inspired by his own young boys. They have matching Dino bed linen and PJs too.

Make yourself some dinosaur feet and go on a dino dance

Try some dinosaur target practise

Print these picture cards and play some dinosaur matching games

Sing these dinosaur songs

Check out the dinsoaur resources at the Natural History Museum website

Get all the best kids ideas

These dinosaur games and activities were all discovered through the Kids Co-op weekly idea swap. Bringing together kid bloggers from right around the world it’s a great place to find fun activities for your kids. Follow the Kids Co-op facebook page to get all the best ideas.

Leave a comment and tell us your favourite dinosaur games.

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