counting Christms trees number line

christmas tree number lineWe have updated our Autumn number line today with 10 beautiful Christmas trees. The number line hangs in the kitchen window and is proving really useful as it’s always on hand when any of the children have a question about numbers. We refer to it a lot and I have particularly noticed my 3 year old is now very interested in counting and also on the look out for numbers when we’re out and about. I’m sure having the number line in a prominent position is helping her.

We made our trees using a great idea from Notimeforflashcards which used a fork dipped in paint to create the needles on the tree. (If you don’t already know this blog you should take a look as it’s full of great ideas.) We then went sticker crazy to add some decorations. I did think about having 1 bauble on tree number one, 2 on tree number two and so on – but the kids were so enthusiastic with the stickers I just let them go for it. They were  singing carols while they merrily decorated their trees! We sorted them in size order to give a visual link to the fact that the numbers are increasing – and then pegged them up.

happily shared with it’s playtime and  Kids Get Crafty

counting christmas trees


  1. says

    Great idea a seasonal number line, my son’s teachers used the number line during the first year at primary school to help with adding up. A colourful Christmas one is a lot more appealing than the straight line they used:)

    • Cathy @ NurtureStore says

      Maria, we like to update our number line every so often to match the seasons or whatever we’re interested in at the time. I think it helps to catch the children’s eye so they keep refering to the number line when they’re playing.

  2. says

    Oh I remember you mentioning these the other week! Lovely! We just need to make some trees now (we haven’t got past 2)…

    Thank you as always, for supporting me on Kids Get Crafty 😉

    Maggy x

  3. says

    Such a clever and beautiful idea! My two little ones are learning to recognize numbers now and this would be a fun way to see them everyday.

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